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You are just leaving a late night concert with your date. As you approach your car, you realize that your car keys are nowhere to be found. What do you do next?

You are just coming home after a long day at the office. As you turn the key in the front door, it snaps off, leaving the other half still inside the lock. The door didn't open, and you can't get the broken half out. What are you going to do now?

If you have ever locked a child, or a pet in the car, by accident, you know the horrible feeling of helplessness that overcomes you. Locksmith emergencies are a fact of life. They happen more often than we realize, since it us usually the “other person” that it happens to. When it happens to us, we need to remain calm, and take action.

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Federal Way Locksmiths recommends a few simple tips to help prevent locksmith emergencies from happening:

  • Be observant of your physical location, as much as possible. If police, fire department, or our own dispatchers need your cross streets, and some general directions, it helps to know these. Also, keep an eye on valuables as much as possible. Pickpockets are notorious for grabbing car keys, as well as wallets, pocketbooks, purses, and other items.
  • Always have immediate, and fast access to professional, and trustworthy, emergency locksmith service. One way, is to enter the telephone number of Federal Way Locksmiths into your cell phone address book right away.
  • When shopping for lock and key products, resist the urge to go cheap. You really do get what you pay for. Cheaply made locks are very easy to pick, and quality products don't have to be expensive. Get free price quotes, and advice by calling our expert staff at Federal Way Locksmiths.

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Locksmith emergencies can still happen to even the most vigilant people. There are too many factors that we have no control over:

  • Locks break down with age, and with usage.
  • Weather and natural surroundings can lead to lock mechanism malfunction (frozen, rusted, or corroded locks)
  • Human error – forgetfulness, carelessness, etc.
  • Human crime – vandalism, theft, break-ins, etc.

If a locksmith emergency does happen to you, call Federal Way Locksmith immediately. We bring fast relief for situations like:

  • Emergency lockouts at home, at your car, or at work
  • Locks that need picking
  • Safes and vaults that won't open
  • Lost keys that need replicating
  • Broken keys that need removing
  • Damaged locks that need repair
  • Key-less entry that malfunctions

Take no chances with your safety, and that of your loved ones. Get trustworthy, and immediate lock and key relief, by calling the technicians at Federal Way Locksmith.

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